"Sofiel, the Heir of Valor, is one of the many mysteries the High Heavens has to offer. She is said to be of Imperius's own essence and light, following closely behind in his footsteps and becoming one of the greatest warriors the angelic host have ever seen. However, there is little known about her origins."
__Deckard Cain's Journal, page 30


Title Heir of Valor
Gender Female
Affiliation High Heavens
Relatives Imperius, Archangel of Valor

Zerstorer, Lieutenant of Hell

Status Active
Appearances Diablo III: Rays of Sunlight
Sofiel, Heir of Valor, is an angel said to be of Imperius's own blood, similar to what humans call an 'offspring'. She follows closely in his footsteps, in hopes to one day aspire to be just as great as he is- and forever erase the mistakes of her mother.

Biography Edit

The Birth Edit

"Silence, you fool!"
__Sofiel when provoked
It is said that the moment Sofiel was born, the Heavens changed, for there was no Lightsong to signal her birth, only a spark of light that disappeared as quickly as it happened.


Personality and traits Edit

"I am Sofiel, Heir to the aspect of Valor and Gatekeeper of the High Heavens. Who dares trespass into the High Heavens?"
__ Sofiel upon noticing the presence of the Nephalem
Sofiel is much like her father in many ways. Her rash behaviorisms often clash with Imperius's own, resulting in many verbal fights, sometimes physical too. Sofiel acts more on feelings, rather than logic; having often gotten herself in troubles one may find ridiculous. As one may expect, she is often seen as brazen, fearing little of what the outcome of her situation may be.