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Title The Lord of Evil, Prime Evil, The King of the Hell, The Master of the Hell, The Great Lord of Magic
Gender Male
Affiliation Prime Evils
Relatives Tyrael (father),

Belial (father)

Status Alive
Appearances The Son of Tyrael

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Main informationEdit

Malum'esiteś the Lord of Evil or simply Malum is the son of Tyrael, Archangel of Freedom and Belial, the Lord of Lies. He was not made by the normal way, like humans do. Actually he was born from the spirit pieces of Tyrael and Belial. Though his fathers are an angel and a demon, Malum didn't have almost any magical powers when he was child. Still, he became the Lord of Evil and the Prime Evil.


Early historyEdit

Many years after Diablo 3 (year 2013), all the Great Evils were alive again. Many wars happened between demons and angels. Diablo, the Lord of Terror attacked Tyrael with a scream of fear, but Belial, who was attacking Tyrael, got hit too, so both lost a little part of their Essenceor simply Soul. The essence gathered and 2 months after that, a baby was born. He had both angel and demon wings, so many angels called him "A Part of Angel, a Lot of Demon". Tyrael held him secretly in his room and he grow up there, until he was 6 years old. Imperius got infromation from some angels, that Tyrael is holding a demon in his room, so he ordered Tyrael to execute the child. Tyrael couldn't do it, so he dropped him from the High Heavens.

Wizard's ApprenticeEdit

Two days after the fall from the sky, Malum was found by a mysterious Great Lord of Magic, named Negios. Negios brought the child to the House of Wizards, believing, that the kid has magical powers. A high wizard named Lord Volkvussen decided to become the master of Malum. Malum had bad time learning magic. 

At the second year of learning, Malum couldn't still use even the easiest spells. Malum cried every night, because his master Lord Volkvussen always shouted on him. At the middle of the second year, Malum's master Lord Volkvussen had to go to The City, because the people were rioting. Lord Volkvussen were away for a month, but a month is too long in magic, so Negios denied the rules and took Malum as his apprentice. 

Malum had struggles learning magic, but he did all exams with maximum points and he became high wizard. A year after becoming a high wizard, Negios took Malum as The Great Lord of Magic's apprentice. Malum was his apprentice for seven years (normal apprentice time) and did the exams with maximum points plus additional points. Negios was very amazed and he immediately thought that Malum has to become The Great Lord of Magic, so Negios gave his job to him.