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Avatarbender Avatarbender 1 January 2013

This place seems so... empty!

  • 1 Maybe a newspaper?
  • 2 First fanon, yay!
    • 2.1 The Son of Tyrael
  • 3 Achievement Leaderboard Top 3
  • 4 If someone will come here, then...
  • 5 Requirements for working in newspaper
    • 5.1 Required
    • 5.2 Plus points
  • 6 NB!

When I saw this web site in Google, I thought it has many users. But now, that I have been here some time, I am very disappointed. The founder of this site is gone (maybe totally) and there are no active users. So I am going to change something. As I see, this one is the wiki's first blog post and to celebrate it, I am going to tell some news (maybe a wandering soul will see it). Maybe I will make a newspaper?

At now, if you look around this wiki, you should see some hints about a new fanon, called "The Son of Tyrael". I will not give you any new informat…

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