Title The First Angel
Heart of Anu
Gender Genderless (Male Personality)
Affiliation High Heavens
Relatives Anu ("Father")
Tathamet ("Uncle")
Demonicus (Counterpart/Sibling)
Angels (Siblings)
Nephalem/Humans (Nieces/Nephews)
Status Alive
Appearances The Truth of Light and Dark

Angelus is the first of the angels, who named themselves after him, and along with Demonicus is the first being to exist since Anu and Tathamet died to one another.

History Edit

Shortly after Anu and Tathamet killed one another with their final attacks Angelus, along with his "sister" Demonicus, spawned from the bodies of the two beings.

Angelus and Demonicus were opposite beings by their natures, with Angelus being Spirit and Light while Demonicus was Physical and Darkness; despite this the two were at peace with one another and acted as siblings for a time in what would become known as Pandemonium.

Eventually the Spine of Anu and Body of Tathamet forming the High Heavens and Burning Hells around these remnants, along with younger beings of light and darkness.

The beings of light discovered Angelus and named their species after him while the beings of darkness did the same with Demonicus.

Soon afterwards the two new species waged war with one another, this conflict would soon cause Angelus and Demonicus to side with their younger "siblings", as despite their prior relationship neither could stand to see the beings so similar to themselves killed.

One day, after the conflict proved eternal due to the never-diminishing armies, Angelus and Demonicus engaged one another in combat near the Worldstone.

The power and emotion of the two caused the skies to cry and the lands to roar, devastating Pandemonium with power only comparable to Anu and Tathamet.

The two fought for months and the energy released wiped out their younger siblings many times only for them to return. Demonicus eventually refused to fight anymore and Angelus saw his sibling split herself into seven different parts, these seven parts eventually becoming the Prime Evils.

Seeing this caused Angelus to question everything he was as the Heart of Anu, which caused the Spine of Anu to create the Angiris Council in response and infuse them the traits of Valor, Hope, Wisdom, Justice, and Fate, along with power and form.

Soon afterward the other angels and demons reformed, unaware of the previous conflicts.

Angelus recovered from his despair quickly, keeping his status as the Heart of Anu and hiding both species from one another before taking it upon himself to teach and raise the Angiris Council, becoming close to each of them.

Once the Eternal Conflict started again Angelus was disillusioned with the younger species and went into hiding as the Guardian of the Afterlife.

The Angels cried out for him to return but Angelus refused, as they only called for him to return and help them win the Eternal Conflict. He eventually removed all memory from his existence from his angelic brethren and demonic cousins.

Present Day Edit

Personality Edit

Powers Edit

  • Extremely Powerful Angelic Physiology: As the first being of light to come into existence and the Heart of Anu, Angelus is one of the strongest beings in all of creation with only his counterpart Demonicus being able to match him in raw power and skill. Any powers that younger angels display are held by Angelus at much higher levels. Angelus is powerful enough that, if pressed, he could assault the Burning Hells alone and be victorious.
    • Immortality: Angelus, like all angels, is immortal, and cannot die from old age. Only Demonicus or an equivalent being has the necessary raw power to challenge Angelus.
    • Teleportation Like other angels, Angelus is capable of teleporting an unknown distance in a burst of light.
  • Weather Manipulation: Angelus is so powerful that when he confronted Demonicus in Pandemonium storms of light brewed in the skies and fires of darkness erupted from the ground from the simple fact that the two beings were preparing to fight one another.
  • Light Manipulation: Angelus is capable of manipulating light for a variety of purposes with extraordinary power, far above any other angel's usage. Angelus notably used this power separate Leah from Diablo and send her back to Sanctuary shortly before facing the Prime Evil.
  • Possession: Uniquely among angels, Angelus can possess a human or Nephleam as a host. He usually requests their permission beforehand, but if absolutely necessary he will forcefully take it.
  • Supernatural Perception: Angelus could detect Diablo becoming an entity akin to Demonicus from another dimension, and could effortlessly see Diablo past his possession of Leah.

Vulnerabilities Edit

  • Vast Quantities of Darkness/Powerful Objects infused with Darkness: An incredible amount of darkness is able to weaken Angelus, with objects such as the Body of Tathamet gradually sapping his strength and allowing weaker beings to injure and possibly defeat him.
  • Demonicus: As his equal in power and a being of darkness, Demonicus is able to match and possibly kill Angelus.